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Elevate Your Digital Footprint

Ready to elevate your digital footprint? Dive into Infomaniak\’s Site Creator – your one-stop solution for crafting a captivating website or e-commerce platform with ease. Forget the days of grappling with tech lingo and intricate website platforms. Site Creator revolutionizes the game, empowering users of all tech levels to design a website that\’s a true reflection of their brand.

Tailor-Made Themes & User-Friendly Design

Dive into a plethora of over 50 tailor-made themes. Whether you\’re promoting your business, narrating your journey, or selling your merchandise, Site Creator has got you covered. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop feature ensures effortless content addition, font alterations, and layout tweaks, ensuring your business shines online.

Full Control & Aesthetic Mastery

The cherry on top? Wave goodbye to pricey web designers and developers. Site Creator grants you full control, enabling you to manifest a website that mirrors your brand\’s essence. Yet, Site Creator isn\’t solely about aesthetics.

Performance & Security First

It\’s engineered for top-notch performance and robust security. With Infomaniak at the helm of technicalities, rest assured your site is fortified, agile, and primed for both mobile and SEO. For e-commerce enthusiasts, Site Creator rolls out a comprehensive suite, featuring a product gallery, sales zone mapping, discount codes, and versatile payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Mollie.

Maximize Your Revenue

And with zero commission fees by Infomaniak, you retain a larger slice of your revenue. Why the wait? Embark on a journey to craft an online identity that resonates with your brand and captivates your target audience. With Site Creator, the digital canvas is vast and inviting.

Unleash Your Web Aspirations

Time is of the essence! Save substantially and opt for Infomaniak\’s hosting, bundled with a complimentary Site Creator. Unleash your web aspirations with Site Creator by Infomaniak. This innovative, user-centric platform is your ticket to designing visually appealing, secure, and efficient websites, e-stores, blogs, and beyond.

Hosting Package Highlights

Transition from tech hurdles to a realm of boundless digital potential. With Site Creator, championing your business or personal brand becomes a breeze, coupled with the assurance of top-tier data protection. Kickstart your 30-day free trial and tap into the prowess of Site Creator firsthand! 250 GB SSD storage / Support for 20 websites, Round-the-clock phone and email assistance, Fine-tuned for WordPress and 100+ CMS.


Q: What is Infomaniak\’s Site Creator? A: It\’s a one-stop solution for crafting captivating websites or e-commerce platforms with ease.

Q: How many themes does Site Creator offer? A: Site Creator offers over 50 tailor-made themes to choose from.

Q: Do I need technical expertise to use Site Creator? A: No, Site Creator is designed for users of all tech levels.

Q: Is Site Creator just about designing a website? A: No, it\’s also engineered for top-notch performance and robust security.

Q: What e-commerce features does Site Creator offer? A: It offers a product gallery, sales zone mapping, discount codes, and versatile payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Mollie.

Q: Does Infomaniak charge any commission on sales? A: No, Infomaniak takes no commission on sales.

Q: How long is the free trial for Site Creator? A: There\’s a 30-day free trial for users to experience Site Creator.

Q: What\’s included in the hosting package? A: The package includes 250 GB SSD storage, support for 20 websites, 24/7 phone and email assistance, and is optimized for WordPress and 100+ CMS.

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